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A Let’s Foxtrot provides a strategic-partnered approach to defining your brand


Let's Foxtrot is not only agile, it is also adaptable. We can take you through all four steps, or just a step or two; but we will be your partner for every step. 


Being adaptable means we can either simply help you kick start your strategic brand journey, or provide ongoing services on a project-by-project basis, or on a retainer by maintaining your brand or marketing strategy.


Quotes start from R5000, depending on what you need. 


Please contact me with any questions or ideas you have, and let’s see how we can partner up and dance our way to your success.

The Four Steps

What makes the Foxtrot different, to any other ballroom dance, is that it is the only dance that uses four steps per bar instead of three. We have developed four steps, that we will dance through with you, to ensure your brand is where it needs to be. 

"Do it BIG, do it RIGHT and do it with STYLE" - Fred Astaire




Gathering intelligence about your company.



Establishing your brand identity and positioning.



Developing your brand strategy and story.



How to implement your strategy.


Let’s Foxtrot is a Mindofafox initiative, and, as such, is inspired by one of South Africa’s most respected teams of scenario strategists and business thinkers.


Think agile and adaptive.


In an ever-changing, dynamic world it is important not only to establish your brand and differentiate yourself from competitors, but also to ensure that brand - and its differentiation - is agile and adaptive. Furthermore, communication with consumers must constantly innovate.


Creativity, innovation, and keeping rhythm in a rapidly changing world is what drives our approach to brand strategies and execution.


We’ll lead you through the four steps to keep perfect timing for your brand. 

Let’s Foxtrot provides a strategic-partnered approach to defining your brand. 

Why use

Let's Foxtrot?

About Let's Foxtrot

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What is a “brand”? What makes a brand successful? How does my brand effect my business? These are some of the most common questions I am asked. 


Essentially, brands are intangible promises made tangible through recognisable signs. As such, they need to be managed properly. That is where we come in: Let’s Foxtrot will help you understand what your brand is currently saying, and to align it with your core values, or to help you develop your brand from scratch.


A little bit about me: As Director of Let’s Foxtrot, I head a fluid collective of highly dedicated graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and developers that all share my vision for brand strategy, and will help bring your brand to life. I draw on a degree in Communication Science and a number of years successfully driving brands for national companies.


I worked my way up to be the Director of Marketing for a national restaurant group, where I focused on creating, managing, and differentiating a brand in a highly-competitive industry.


I then moved into the corporate world where I quickly worked my way to Brand Manager of a dynamic, multinational JSE-listed company. Here I learnt what it means for a brand to be successful and highly credible, not only in tune with its evolving consumer-base, but also its own people.


And that’s an important point: brand strategy is dynamic. It requires clear and swift coordination. Any misstep could cost your organisation. I think of it like a dance. (Hence the name Let’s Foxtrot).


That’s why you need an experienced partner to help guide you through the steps, and build your rhythm to ensure you’re always in time with the shifting dynamics of business. It is a partnership - you have to always be in sync; just like a brand, and its consumers and customers.


Let’s Foxtrot.




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